Ransomware at 8.
Up and running again by 9.

One-click recovery. Near-zero RTOs. Bet you won’t find that kind of backup lame at all. It’s called a datatude adjustment. Welcome to the other side.

Caucasion man with glasses in a robe, drinking from a mug. Looks relaxed.

Ransomware & Security

Rubrik’s immutable technology makes your backups immune to ransomware. So they can’t be encrypted or deleted. And you can't be outflanked by some hacker who’s young enough to be your kid. Or your grandkid.

We’re talking about more than backup, though. It’s about how Rubrik protects your data, what we do with it, and how you get it back in a single click if you do get attacked. Making it even easier is ePlus Cloud Managed Backup, which runs on Rubrik and frees your team from the burden of backup management. And as far as that unfamiliar feeling in your chest is concerned, that’s just air flowing into your lungs. It happens when you can breathe.

Explore these resources and continue your datatude adjustment.