The ePlus/Rubrik Partnership:

  • Immutable Technology
  • Strategic Insight
  • Broad Expertise

The ePlus/Rubrik partnership combines leading technology from Rubrik with the expertise of ePlus to deliver an integrated solution that improves ransomware resiliency, manages backup across data center and cloud workloads, and provides a secure offload for critical data. It works so well that ePlus runs its Cloud Managed Backup on Rubrik technology.

It’s time you embraced forward-thinking data management that shifts you from operations to innovation. It’s time for a datatude adjustment, courtesy of a partnership that’s firing on all cylinders and ready to deliver:

Icon of snapping finger

Instant ransomware recovery

Gear with rotating circle around it

Simplified, automated data management

Icon of a Lock

Turnkey immutability so backups can’t be encrypted

Database stack with cloud in background

Secure archive to the cloud for instantiation

Bar Graph

Leading-edge technology to address holistic solutions

Folder with lock on it

Engineering expertise to set modernized data protection policies

Workflow of Computer leading down to three documents

Full management and specialized support for the entire IT lifecycle

Icon of an Eyeball

Continuous visibility and intelligence to drive business decisions

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Radically simple data protection while turning backup data Into a business asset

Gear in foreground with arrow pointing to the right in background

Regular testing to ensure recoverability

Speaker icon with binary coming out of it

Consumption-based models that work for you

Dollar sign with arrow pointing down

Lower TCO with smooth implementation and integration

  • Constant Collaboration
  • +
  • Deep Engagement
  • +
  • Tight Integration

Creates a unique synergy that streamlines everything

What you get:

Box with Dotted line pointing to a box with solid line

Business continuity

Building with arrow pointing to large cloud above it

Fast track to the cloud

Cloud with nodes or lines coming out from behind it

Mobility when you get there

Three clouds with lock in front of them

Multi-cloud protection with simpler management

Document with a gear in the lower right corner

Easier data governance & compliance