Time for a datatude adjustment.

We get it. Backup isn’t the most compelling part of your job. Maybe you’d rather not even think about it. But cybercriminals often encrypt backup data too, so “out of sight, out of mind” leaves you vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Rubrik and ePlus will help you see backup for all it can be, turning it into one of the most strategic, valuable, skin-saving assets in your entire organization.

Pretty compelling, no?

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Ransomware & Security

Knowing what to protect and how to protect it so you don’t end up paying a costly ransom is more important than ever. Rubrik brings the technology; ePlus adds the insight. Our solutions will have you up and running again quickly, protecting your data and making cybercriminals second-guess their choice of career.

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Backup Modernization

Modern backup means data management, simplicity, and the ability to recover data no matter where it lives. These days, that means everywhere. Whether you’re dealing with legacy systems or a mish-mash of hardware and software, you’ll be able to implement our solutions. And keep your sanity.

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Data Protection & the Cloud

Public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud, Rubrik delivers core data protection across all of your environments and throws in archive, recover, and workload management at enterprise scale. Add ePlus engineering expertise to help you optimize it all and you just might become the smartest person you know.

A partnership defined by collaboration, engagement, and integration.

Rubrik brings radically simple data protection that does more, turning your backup data into a business asset. ePlus adds engineering expertise, full management support, and flexible cost models that empower a shift from operations to innovation. Together, we’ll make sure those backup blinders you wore for so long never fit again.

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Hear our experts talk all things ransomware … and Costa Rican coffee. Because only one of these things should keep you up at night.

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You’ve begun your datatude adjustment and realized that backup is just the beginning of what the Rubrik/ePlus solution can do for you. Now it’s time to take the next step by having our engineers perform a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure, needs, and processes. We’ll make strategic recommendations that show you a path to simpler data management, smart automation, and considerable cost savings.

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