Time for a datatude adjustment.

We get it. Backup isn’t the most compelling part of your job. Maybe you’d rather not even think about it. But cybercriminals are targeting and encrypting your backup data at alarming rates, so “out of sight, out of mind” leaves you vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Rubrik and ePlus will help you see backup for all it can be, turning your data into one of the most strategic, valuable, skin-saving assets in your entire organization.

Pretty compelling, no?


Data Resilience

Legacy backup won’t keep your data safe from cybercriminals. When the bad guys strike, you want your data, and you want it now! Rubrik brings the technology; ePlus adds the insight. Our solutions will have you up and running again quickly, protecting your data with air-gapped, immutable, access-controlled backcups, making cybercriminals second-guess their choice of career.

Data Observability

In the event of an attack, you don’t want to air all of your dirty laundry – and Rubrik and ePlus won’t let you. Rubrik enables you to see threats in real time so you can monitor sensitive data exposure, ransomware risk, and indicators of compromise. By understanding what’s happening with your data, you can keep your data secure and your sanity intact.

Data Remediation

True cyber recovery means returning to business as usual as quickly as possible. With Rubrik, you get safe, quick data recovery by quarantining infected data and restoring your apps, files, and objects at scale – all while avoiding malware reinfection. Add ePlus engineering expertise to help you optimize the process, and you just might become the smartest person you know.

A partnership defined by collaboration, engagement, and integration.

Rubrik brings true cyber recovery, no matter where your data lives – across, enterprise, SaaS, and cloud – turning your backup data into a business asset. ePlus adds engineering expertise, full management support, and flexible cost models that empower a shift from operations to innovation. Together, we’ll make sure those backup blinders you wore for so long never fit again.



Join our experts to learn about data resilience, rapid recovery at scale, and some of the most breathtaking sites in the West. It’s a virtual road trip, as seen from the air.

Rubrik Zero Labs is taking a hard look at the state of data security.

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Meet with our Experts

Cybercriminals are hatching plots as we speak. Time to smash some eggs.

You’ve begun your datatude adjustment and realized that backup is just the beginning of what the Rubrik and ePlus solution can do for you. Now it’s time to take the next step by meeting with our experts. During the meeting, we’ll discuss your current infrastructure, needs, and processes. We’ll make strategic recommendations that show you a path to simpler data management, smart automation, and considerable cost savings.

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